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Glenda Sixel

Born and educated in Cape Town, Glenda’s introduction to the event and entertainment industry was through the medium of school theatre, dance and music.

Glenda’s primary and initial experience is that of music which she has infiltrated into the business of Event Management. Her career saw her travelling the world initially with the internationally acclaimed band ‘Clout’ who rose to number one on the International charts with their hit “Substitute”. After Clout she joined Johnny Clegg and Juluka and traveled extensively both locally and internationally on the concert circuit. Due to her experience in the field with both Clout and Juluka she is able to access and apply essential elements necessary to stage successful events both in South Africa and internationally.

Glenda then moved into the business of event management initially on small scale events but due to her knowledge and expertise was soon participating in many large scale events. She has been in the industry for ten years and has worked with a broad spectrum of clients gaining the necessary experience to deliver many successful events.